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PANDA® Wok Series

Cast Iron Econ Wok range


PANDA® Wok Series

Cast Iron
Econ Wok Range


Cast Iron Chamber

Crafted with high-quality cast iron, our Econ Wok Range guarantees durability and exceptional heat retention. The sturdy construction not only withstands the rigors of daily commercial use but also ensures consistent and even heat distribution, allowing chefs to achieve professional-level results with every dish.

Smart Cooling System

Equipped with a full-length cooling line, this advanced feature effectively prevents the deck from overheating, allowing you to maintain a comfortable and controlled cooking environment. By reducing the surrounding temperature, the Smart Cooling System not only safeguards the longevity of the range but also provides an added layer of safety for chefs in fast-paced kitchen environments.



At the heart of the Cast Iron Econ Wok Range is its robust 16 Tips Jet Burner, featuring a central pilot and cover. Delivering an impressive total BTU of 128,000, our burners have undergone rigorous flow testing and received national certification, ensuring optimal heat output and precise control for culinary enthusiasts.


Autoflo Swing Faucet

Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this advanced feature provides a quick and effortless way to fill your woks with boiling water or rinse them to ensure optimal cleanliness. By streamlining the process, it minimizes downtime and allows you to focus on creating delectable dishes with minimal interruptions.

Panda® Gas Valve

The Panda® Gas Valve sets a new standard in wok cooking. Its unique "L" shaped design, carefully curated by our expert designers, allows for convenient placement at knee level. This ergonomic positioning ensures easy operation with your knee, freeing up your hands for a truly hands-free cooking experience. By promoting hygiene and productivity, our gas valve empowers you to focus on your culinary creations without interruptions.


Stainless Steel
Grease Tray

Designed for maximum convenience and durability, this full-length grease tray ensures effortless cleaning and hassle-free handling. With its high-quality stainless steel construction, it not only guarantees easy maintenance but also enhances hygiene standards in your cooking space.

Wok Rest Stand

This thoughtfully crafted stand offers a stable platform for securely placing your wok, allowing you to easily shift your attention to other culinary creations. It not only provides a practical and convenient workspace, but also enhances the overall efficiency of your kitchen.


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Basic Model


Body : 54127   |  Open Storage  |  W 23“ X D 29" X H 50"  |  BTU 100,000



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Cantonese Style Model


Body : Stand   |  Front Drain   |  W 30“ X D 30" X H 51"  |  BTU 128,000


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Image by Daniel Koponyas

Installation Guide


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