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PANDA® Wok Series

Stainless Steel Econ Wok Range


PANDA® Wok Series

Stainless Steel 
Econ Wok 



Our innovative electric ignition system provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, eliminating the need for traditional fire-based ignition methods. With the simple push of a button, chefs can effortlessly ignite the range, ensuring quick and reliable heat for their wok cooking.

Autoflo Swing Faucet

This innovative faucet offers a seamless and expedient solution for filling woks, allowing for effortless boiling or rinsing between batches of food. Designed to optimize workflow and minimize downtime, our autoflo swing faucet ensures a swift and convenient process, empowering chefs to focus on their culinary creations.


Unibody Stainless Steel
Wok Chamber Ring

Our Panda Stainless Steel Econ wok range features a unibody chamber ring, offering not only exceptional durability but also effortless cleaning. With this seamless construction, there are no crevices or gaps where grease can get trapped, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic cooking environment.


Stainless Steel
Grease Tray

Designed for maximum convenience and durability, this full-length grease tray ensures effortless cleaning and hassle-free handling. With its high-quality stainless steel construction, it not only guarantees easy maintenance but also enhances hygiene standards in your cooking space.

Cooling System

The full-length cooling line strategically prevents the deck from overheating, maintaining optimal temperature control and preventing any potential damage. This innovative feature also reduces the temperature around the range, creating a comfortable and safe working environment for chefs.


Wok Rest Stand

This thoughtfully crafted stand offers a stable platform for securely placing your wok, allowing you to easily shift your attention to other culinary creations. It not only provides a practical and convenient workspace, but also enhances the overall efficiency of your kitchen.


Explore All Basic Model


Body : 54156   |  Open Storage   |  W 23“ X D 29" X H 50"  |  BTU 119,400



Explore All
Cantonese Style Model


Body : 54764   |  Open Storage   |  W 30“ X D 30" X H 51"  |  BTU 119,400

PT-WOKKJH (13-1)

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Image by Daniel Koponyas

Installation Guide


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