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PANDA® Electric Series

The Future of
Commercial Cooking.


PANDA® Electric Series

Auto Cooking Machines


Stainless Steel

Featuring a stainless steel exterior sides, top, and front, this unit is designed for maximum durability.

Easy to Use

Multifunction Smart Control panel for east and secure operation. Easy to operate.

Save Labor costs

Commercial automatic stir-fry machine for the purpose of improving kitchen efficiency. It can reduce the cost of hiring and training chefs, and through short-term training, operators can cook expert-level dishes like expert chefs.

From a labor cost perspective, a chef can operate 3 pieces of automatic cooking machines, which means that one restaurant can save at least 60% of the chef’s cost per year.

Build In Unibody
Ingredient / Spices Tray

This unit increases the ease of prep work. It ensures the condiments, spices, or cooking ingredients are kept close at hand

Easy To Clean

Perform high pressure cleaning with Washer Spray on cast iron drum bucket to achieve effortless cleaning.


Cook up food
in 3 minutes or less

For fast-food restaurants with a high proportion of takeaways, commercial automatic cooking machines should be the most economical choice.

Stainless Steel
Grease Tray

Stainless steel grease tray is easy to clean and handle


Save Energy Costs

The high energy efficiency will save cost and time. Under the same condition, it will save a 52-68% cost than gas. And there is no need for an exhaust system

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W 29“ X D 42" X H 64"

#54082. #POMCW-26(200)

Image by Daniel Koponyas

Installation Guide

See it in 3D.

Image by Daniel Koponyas

Installation Guide


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