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PANDA® Electric Series

Auto Lift Noodle Cooker


PANDA® Electric Series

Auto Lift Noodle Cooker


Independently Working Basket

Come with 6 auto lift control, each auto lift can set its own cooking time, easily to cook a different type of noodle, it can independently functioning by itself or together.

Auto Fill Cooking Tank

Comes with auto refill sensor to ensure the cooker never overheating and overall temperature around, easy to use

Water Lever Solenoid Valve

Come with water level solenoid valve, cut off power supply in case water drop below level to protect heating element and the user.


Individual temperature control

Digital temperature control with auto lift noodle basket to ensure accurate cooking time control.

Every lifting lever has independent time control, and each lifting lever has three different time memories (adjustable from 0 - 99 min 59 second), easy to manage

Individual Cooking Tank

Comes with individual cooking tank to enhance the flexibility to cook two different Noodle with the same machines


High Heat for Fast Cooking

Concentrate on noodle/pasta blanching with high volume heating for faster cooking.

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18" Ø MAIN POT    |   2 X Mini Cook Pot   |  W 54“ X D 35" X H 85"


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